It’s still day one – RadioVC #4 – LVG & Finsmes Podcast with Simon Murdoch [Episode1]

12 Gennaio 2015

What’s the state of the tech industry today? Simon cites the one and only Jeff Bezos: “It’s still day one”.
A successful entrepreneur, angel investor, and venture capitalist. Simon Murdoch, managing partner of Episode 1 Ventures, UK-based VC, is our guest for this episode of RadioVC.
As a founder of BookPages (sold to Amazon in 1998) and an investor in Shazam, Zoopla (IPO in 2014), LoveFilm (sold to Amazon in 2011), Shutl (sold to eBay 2013), and Natural Motion (sold to Zynga 2014), we asked him several things: the difference between an angel investor and a venture capital fund manager, how software is eating the world, how he picks companies, what’s hot in tech today, what it means to be an entrepreneur, and more.
We hope you enjoy the podcast. We did. 🙂