LoveItaly!: crowdfunding for the Italian cultural heritage

20 October 2015

Today, October 20th, the new special project of LVenture Group, LoveItaly!, a nonprofit initiative that aims to revolutionize the approach to the protection of Italian cultural heritage, was presented to the international press. With the launch of LoveItaly, LVenture Group intends too uphold its social responsibility

Creating a global community that actively contributes to the preservation of the Italian cultural heritage through the powerful energy of crowdfunding with the guiding light of the total transparency and traceability of the funds raised. This is the ambitious project of LoveItaly!, the non-profit association presented today in Rome at the Foreign Press Association in Italy.

LoveItaly! is a special project by LVenture Group aimed at creating an international movement that starts from people’s donations and ultimately gathers around the goal of restoring the centrality of our cultural heritage, including institutions, universities, museums, institutes of fine arts, international press, and companies sensitive to the promotion of the Italian culture.

As Luigi Capello, CEO LVenture Group and co-founder of LoveItaly! wrote on his blog: “Many of you will wonder what does an investment reality like ours has to do with a project like LoveItaly! […] The answer is in the “Give Back” formula, the aim of giving a positive contribution to the community in which we live in. LVenture Group cares about its social responsibility as a company: although our core business is creating companies and producing capital, we believe in the importance of actively participating in improving the society. […] This is why we have launched LoveItaly!. We believe that this project, which supports art and culture in an innovative way, fully falls into this line of thinking and allows us to connect our activities to a noble cause.”

“I am very excited about the launch of LoveItaly!” – said Luigi Capello during the press conference this morning – “This project started a year ago from the encounter with Tracy Roberts, which made us realize how important the concept of ‘give back’, of giving something to the society, is to the Americans. We also realized how much the international community cares about the Italian cultural heritage, this is why we got to work by deploying our expertise in the digital environment. Now we will strive to create contacts with our network of investors and, with the power of crowdfunding and social media, we will try to reach millions of people”.

With the presentation to the press, LoveItaly! has officially opened the first two crowdfunding campaigns: the first concerns the restoration of Cubicle 3 of the Domus Centaurus in Pompei, a room of the second century BC, richly decorated with paintings. The second project is the restoration, by the Institute for Conservation and Restoration, of an extraordinary imperial sarcophagus guarded in the Corsini Gallery of Rome.

Fabio Galeandro, archaeologist of the Superintendence for Pompei, Herculaneum and Stabia intervened on the new synergy between public and private that is emerging in the field of financial resources allocated to the cultural heritage: “With the Great Pompei Project – said Galeandro – a major intervention funded by the European Community is undergoing. This initiative, however, is coming to an end and a formula like LoveItaly! is interesting for Pompei as it establishes a new relationship with the monuments, where our specialist expertise meets the excitement of the fans”.

Richard Hodges, President of LoveItaly!, has stressed that Italy, with about 48 million tourists per year and the largest number of UNESCO sites in the world, is called to review its choices in terms of culture: “Oil,”- said Hodges – “this is the right word to describe our cultural heritage: we have oil but so far we have managed it badly. In 2012, Rome was the 12th most visited city in the world, but visitors come for two days and run away. We must learn to make them stay, to make them visit more than just the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, and this is possible only if we introduce innovation and invest in young people, the asset on which to focus for the future of the cultural heritage”.

A new and exciting journey for the protection of the Italian cultural heritage is therefore started. Now we need the help of everyone, all over the world: #BEpArtofHistory.