26 June 2017
There is time from today to 25 September to apply for the 5-month acceleration program for digital startups in the biggest accelerator in Rome. At the same time, the vertical call on Lifestyle is also open, mainly for foreign startups, in English and based in Milan.

LUISS ENLABS returns and doubles: it simultaneously launches two call for applications with a strong focus on Made in Italy excellence and with sights set abroad. The Accelerator, one of Europe’s leading companies, is a joint venture between LVenture Group, a listed company that invests in digital startups and LUISS University, today and until 25 September 2017, invites digital startups to apply for the next edition of the Acceleration Program that will start in December in the Tech Hub in Rome Termini.

This year’s novelty is, however, the launch of a second vertical call-to-call solution for foreign startups in all segments of the LIFESTYLE chain: from automotive to design, from fashion to food, from wellness to luxury. This program will be held, entirely in English, at the next opening of LUISS ENLABS in Milan, the capital of design and fashion and the neuralgic center of excellence made in Italy. An international roadshow is planned to promote the call, it is going to cover the main incubators and centers of innovation in Central and Eastern Europe.

“We are ready to welcome international startups and, to attract the best, we have decided to focus on Lifestyle, of which Italy is the undisputed leader worldwide” – says Augusto Coppola, Managing Director of LUISS ENLABS Acceleration Programs – “Our new headquarters will be inaugurated in the coming months in the center of Milan, the perfect location for a whole Lifestyle journey.”

To apply for the Call for Acceleration Program:

To apply for the Lifestyle Program Call:

THE PROGRAMS – Startups will be able to choose which of the two calls to respond and thus have the opportunity to apply for the two intensive five-month courses aimed at transforming embryonic projects into real-world billing companies.

Startups will follow thematic seminars and will be accompanied on their path (from business development to technological development) by a mentor team and a Board of Advisor of over 50 members, who will provide their skill set. Additionally, each startup will receive a base investment of LVenture Group worth 80,000 euros, divided into 30,000 cash and 50,000 in services, against a 9% equity.

The true value of the programs is in the work organization approach, enclosed in the Scrum method: startups will follow an Extreme Project Management (XPM) approach to accelerate growth. XPM means a tight schedule with sprints scheduled every two weeks, followed by checkpoints and sneak peek, which will allow mentors to track progress and correct errors.

After the first 2 months, devoted mainly to product development, the validation and testing phase will begin on the market. In the last month, startups will have to generate revenue and prepare for presentation to investors, corporations and printers during the Demo Day, the closing event of the programs scheduled for May 2018.

LOCATION – Milan will host the vertical acceleration program, entirely in English, dedicated to start-ups, focused in the Lifestyle industry. Rome will host the program for startups, active in all areas of digital, within the spaces of LUISS ENLABS, a 5000mq innovation hub in the historic wing of the Termini station.

THE SELECTION – For both the calls, the application must be submitted online through the LUISS ENLABS site and finalized by 25 September 2017. The startup candidates must meet the following requirements:

– Being digital startup and having at least one product prototype or a valid MVP (Minimum Viable Product);

– Have a team with a full set of skills, especially those of technological development, willing to move to Rome (or Milan) for the duration of the program and dedicate themselves to the full time project;

– To propose a competitive solution in a growing market sector;

– For the Lifestyle call, work in one of the reference segments and excellent English expression and comprehension skills;

– For both calls, it is essential to have an excellent English speaking expression and comprehension skills.