KPI6 among the first Italian companies to integrate Facebook topic data

20 June 2016
The portfolio startup KPI6, social media analytics platform, will be one of the few companies in the world and very few in Italy provide its users with the possibility to improve their marketing and decision-making strategies through access to Facebook topic data

Rome, June 20th 2016

LVenture Group, the holding company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange operating as a leading venture capital firm in the Italian scenario, announces that the portfolio startup KPI6, the social media analytics platform, will be one of the first Italian companies to integrate aggregated, anonymous Facebook topic data through a collaboration with DataSift, the leader in Human Data Intelligence.

As a DataSift partner since May 2016, KPI6 will be one of more than 50 companies in the world and one of the only ones in Italy to add content data shared by over 1 billion daily active users of Facebook to its database of interactions on social media platforms. KPI6’s offering already includes Twitter, Tumblr and WordPress.

KPI6 was founded in 2015 and in January 2016 it graduated from the acceleration program run by LUISS ENLABS, one of the main Italian Startup Accelerator resulting from a joint venture between LVenture Group and LUISS University. “Despite being such a young company, we are glad to notice KPI6 is already a leader in the social media analysis sector in Italy”, says Luigi Capello, CEO of LVenture Group, the first investment operator to believe in the startup.

“We have built an advanced analytics platform to provide businesses of any size the power to tap into social data. The possibility to leverage on Facebook’s full volume of engagements, demographics, and topic analysis in a privacy-safe way will significantly improve our product” – says Alberto Nasciuti, CEO of KPI6“While being one of the first Italian companies to have access to this data allows us to stay ahead of the competition, it also helps companies to do the same, by adding new dimensions to their marketing and brand awareness campaigns and decision-making processes”.

Through KPI6’s platform, users can monitor real-time interactions as they happen and explore historical data to identify trends that have an impact on specific businesses. KPI6 prediction engine is also capable of predicting future trends based on past social media interactions with a machine learning process and filter the outcome to visualize data. This integrated solution drives decision-making across enterprises and empowers users to run businesses with a data-driven approach.