Demo Day 16.11.2017

LUISS ENLABS Demo Day: appointment with innovation

17 November 2017
The seven startups from LUISS ENLABS's latest batch of the Acceleration Program have been presented today to a large audience of investors, corporate and journalists, in the frame of Palazzo "Orizzonte EUROPA, the new headquarters of the General Directorate of BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas

On November 16th, 2017 we held LUISS ENLABS’ Demo Day, the main event of the Accelerator, born by a joint venture between LVenture Group, a listed holding company that invests in digital startups, and LUISS Guido Carli University.

To open the event, the institutional greeting of Luigi Abete, Chairman of BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas, who then handed the microphone over to Luigi Capello, CEO of LVenture Group and founder of LUISS ENLABS, to talk about the great work of synergies that’s behind the two realities. Closing the Demo Day, a speech by Andrea Munari, CEO of BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas.

“We are proud to present at LUISS ENLABS Demo Day, the startups, from the latest batch of the Acceleration Program. Our mission is to discover the young and promising talents of the digital world and support them in their growth; to do so, we constantly put our best effort and the results we reach day by day confirm that the road we are taking is certainly the right one: to date, we have analyzed more than 3,000 international projects, supported the growth of over 55 startups, which raised about 32 million of Euros, of which 8M invested by LVenture Group “, emphasized Luigi Capello.

The Demo Day was enriched by the “Corporates & Innovation” panel, moderated by Massimo Sideri, Editorialist of Corriere della Sera’s and Editorial Director of Corriere Innovazione, dedicated to deepening the theme of Open Innovation. The panel saw the participation of some prominent figures from the Sponsors of the Accelerator: Massimo Angelini, PR External & Internal Communication Manager of Wind Tre, Luigi Maccallini, Retail Communication Manager BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas, Marco Morchio, Managing Director, Italy, Central Europe and Greece Accenture Strategy and Alberto Tosti, CEO of Sara Assicurazioni.

Open Innovation has never been as influential as it is today: in the years of digital disruption, companies are rethinking ways to accelerate the process of technological innovation and compete in a market that rewards the speed and ability to accommodate the challenge to change. In this scenario, startups have become fundamental resources, as agents of technological transformation for already developed companies; LVenture Group and LUISS ENLABS, together with their sponsors and partners, have always recognized the value and potential of the startup ecosystem especially in the context of Open Innovation, developing successful programs such as Security Challenge, Android Factory 4.0 and AI WorkLab, the incubation program launched last August 31st, dedicated to the Artificial Intelligence sector.

Augusto Coppola, Managing Director of LUISS ENLABS Acceleration Programs, then introduced the startups from the latest Acceleration batch, presented in a 5-minute pitch their projects, work done, and results achieved. The startups presented are:

  • Together Price, which allows users to create a network of people they trust to split the cost of shareable products and services.
  • Powahome, the smarthome system, simple, installable in a few hours, without any intervention on the electrical system and managed remotely.
  • Revotree, the system that remotely monitors the water needs of the soils and the environmental parameters, through IoT and Artificial Intelligence.
  • FitLunch, the service that allows those who want to follow a balanced diet to order, through a chatbot, an healthy meal according to their needs.
  • Ruleat, the system that, through an app and a dashboard, enables real-time communication between customers, staff, and restaurateurs, improving performance and customer experience
  • In Time Link, the cashless solution that allows you to shop at vending machines via your smartphone
  • SpidChain, the solution that simplifies the user’s digital data certification process.


The LUISS ENLABS Demo Day is the ultimate event of each Acceleration cycle – a 5-month journey during which startups concentrate on project growth to launch their product or service on the market and generate the first revenues. All of this is possible thanks to the constant support of the LUISS ENLABS team of experts and Board of Advisor and to a first € 80,000 micro-seed investment by LVenture Group. Thanks to the effectiveness of its solid working method and consolidated network of investors, Business Angels and Corporates, 8 out of 10 startups presented at LUISS ENLABS’ Demo Day, successfully close the Acceleration Program and reach the goal of closing a subsequent round of investment.