Majeeko seeks new partners through a campaign on Mamacrowd

20 December 2017
Majeeko seeks new partners on Mamacrowd. The startup, allowing Facebook page administrators to create a site with a click, has reached € 38,000 in just a few hours from the opening of the campaign

Majeeko’s crowdfunding campaign is online on Mamacrowd, the first Italian equity crowdfunding platform for capital raised, with a target of € 250 thousand in order to close new agreements, expand new functions of the service and continue to grow in the national and international reference market. Over €38,000 of subscriptions were collected in a few hours from the publication of the campaign.

Majeeko provides a valuable help to micro-enterprises that, due to lack of time, technical skills and money, make social networks their only source of communication: Majeeko was born to help the SMEs to create their own website with a click and keep it updated with the content of a Facebook page with an innovative and easy to use system which requires no technical knowledge or expert advice and ensures a highly efficient and professional final product, responsive, optimized for indexing on search engines and customizable at any time.

In 2015 Majeeko participated in the LUISS ENLABS Acceleration Program, receiving funding from LVenture Group, Seeweb and other Business Angels and reaching, to date, beyond 75,000 websites created. In 2016 and 2017 the startup has closed important business partnerships, maintaining the goal of digitizing SMEs across Europe. With the fundings from the campaign on Mamacrowd, Majeeko will start communication and expansion of the project starting from Spain, France, Germany, England and Austria.

“During these years Majeeko has grown a lot – says Simone Golcic, CEO of Majeeko – It has expanded its team and its services and reached important milestones, but many others are the goals we still want to achieve. With this campaign, we want to bring new members on board to help us grow and achieve new goals and to become ambassadors of Majeeko’s business “.

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