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LVenture Group is a holding company listed on the MTA of the Italian Stock Exchange. We invest in companies with high growth potential in the field of digital technologies. The business model of LVenture Group is based on capital gains arising from the exit of portfolio startups, which can be achieved through M&A or IPO operations.

Thanks to our proprietary deal flow, prevalently run by the accelerator, LUISS ENLABS “The Startup Factory” we are able to take on the most promising startups in the market. The operational approach is designed to mitigate investment risks and maximize success rates. A team specialized in expansion and consolidation processes in the market proactively follows and consistently supports the startups in our portfolio.

Our investment activity is divided into two areas



80,000 Euros investment in exchange for 9% of the shares in the form of Participatory Financial Instruments in startups in the early stages of development, supporting the product launch process by Acceleration Program delivered by LUISS ENLABS "The Startup Factory."



Investments up to 250,000 Euros by acquiring minority stakes in startups successfully came out from Acceleration Program and startups in a more mature phase selected from among those with the best growth indicators.

LUISS ENLABS "The Startup Factory" is one of the leading startup accelerators in Italy.

Its mission is to transform young digital startups into companies.

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