Our experience

We create value by investing and supporting the growh of digital high-potential startups.

Thanks to our proprietary deal flow prevalently run by the accelerator, LUISS ENLABS “The Startup Factory”, LVenture Group selects the most promising startups in the market.

The startups of our portfolio are followed in pro-actively and supported by a dedicated team in the process of expansion and consolidation in the market.

How we invest



Investment of 80,000 Euros, including participation in the Acceleration Program run by LUISS ENLABS "The Startup Factory", with a duration of 5 months, aimed at entrepreneurial projects in their early stages of development.

The investment is carried out through Participatory Financial Instruments issued by the startups which are converted into equity at the end of the Acceleration Program, for a share of 9%, in case the startup has proven to be able to achieve significant results on the market.

During the Program, which is held twice a year, startups are integrated into our network and ecosystem of partners and sponsors. The Call to participate in the Acceleration Program is open twice a year.



Investment of up to 250,000 Euros aimed at startups successfully graduated from the Acceleration Program or startups who have alredy registered significant results on the market and demonstrated that the business model in functioning and scalable.

The investment is usually carried out in collaboration with third parties and in tranches conditional to the achievement of milestones.

In addition to financial support portfolio startups are proactively supported and inserted in our network and ecosystem of partners and sponsors. We evaluate the proposal that we receive through the dedicated form, that needs to be fully filled in, providing a detailed overview on the company and on its activities.

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