After the Program, we continue to support the most ambitious startups for all following rounds, until the exit. Our portfolio includes more than 90 outstanding digital companies that keep revolutionizing the market from Apps & Services to SaaS.

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Ipervox B2B Service

Ipervox is an online platform to allow businesses to create voice applications in minutes and increase their customers engagement.

Kiwi B2B Service

Kiwi is a robot delivery platform that revolutionizes the food delivery experience.

LexiQA B2B Service

LexiQA is a cloud-based quality control platform for language services.

Manet B2B Service

Manet is a personal concierge smartphone designed to revolutionise hospitality and travel experience.

Medyx B2B Service

Medyx reminds discharged patients of their medications and dosages.

Oral3d B2B Service

Oral3D is a MedTech hardware and software solution for dentists to design and manufacture models with 3DPrinting.

Sell in-to China
Sell in-to China B2B Service

Sell in-to China is a cross-border digital export platform that lets companies sell their products on the best Chinese e-commerce, reaching over 1B consumers.

Skaffolder B2B Service

Skaffolder is a platform for developers to create web applications with less time and effort.

Soundreef B2B Service

Soundreef is a royalty collection and license issuing digital platform for musicians and authors.

Tutored B2B Service

Tutored is a social network and hiring platform for university students.

UrList e-Commerce

ufirst is a queue management and booking agenda app that improves customer experience.

99bros Apps&Services

99bros is a user-friendly insurance brokerage platform that combines artificial intelligence, multimedia content and specialized consultants.

Babaiola Apps&Services

Babaiola is an online travel platform for the LGBT community.

CallMeSpa Apps&Services

Call Me Spa offers wellness, fitness and beauty services on demand at your doorstep.

Camicia on Demand
Camicia on Demand Apps&Services

Camicia on Demand is an online long-term rental service that provides clean, ironed, home delivered shirts, cutting costs and time waste.

CineApp Apps&Services

Cineapp is an app to choose a movie and buy the tickets for any cinema in less than a minute.

DrexCode Apps&Services

Drexcode is an online platform to rent exclusive fashion and design collections.

Epicura Apps&Services

EpiCura is a digital health platform that lets you book healthcare services directly from your phone.

Fitprime Apps&Services

Fitprime is an all-in-one subscription app to access gyms and fitness classes.

Futura Apps&Services

Futura is the e-learning platform that adapts to the students’ strengths and weaknesses.

GamePix Apps&Services

Gamepix is an online platform to publish and promote HTML5 videogames.

GEC Apps&Services

GEC is the first Italian e-sports network, with its own e-learning platform called GETPRO.

InGeno Apps&Services

Ingeno is a technology for in-depth genetic analysis. By combining DNA tests with proprietary algorithms, it can propose personalized solutions to health, beauty, and wellness problems. Starting from the data processed, Ingeno suggests effective and individual treatment and prevention pathways.

Karaoke One
Karaoke One Apps&Services

Karaoke One is a social network that records and shares your karaoke experiences.

Keiron Apps&Services

Keiron is the first Virtual Reality training solution for gyms to perform free body workouts.

BeSafe Rate
BeSafe Rate B2B Service

BeSafe Rate is a digital service for hoteliers that activates a prepaid hotel rate with travel insurance included, protecting both hotels and guests.

MyTutela Apps&Services

MyTutela is a LegalTech GDPR compliant app to record, archive and retrieve calls, SMSs and chats, certifies their authenticity and proof of evidence in legal proceedings.

Brave Potions
Brave Potions B2B Service

Brave Potions is an augmented reality app to help children trust doctors and dentists.

Nextwin Apps&Services

Nextwin is a social game for tipsters and Invictus is their AI-powered advisor for sports betting.

Codemotion B2B Service

Codemotion is an event format and a digital platform that connects developers with corporates.

PunchLab Apps&Services

PunchLab is a SportsTech app that turns punching bags into an interactive device to measure and track performance.

Confirmo B2B Service

Confirmo is a GDPR compliant LegalTech software that digitizes the whole process of informed consent ensuring users correctly understand the information provided.

Scuter Apps&Services

Scuter is a mobility sharing three-wheeled electric scooter system.

eShopping Advisor
eShopping Advisor B2B Service

eShopping Advisor is a secure online shopping platform to help people find what they want while assuring visibility to small e-commerce.

Gopillar B2B Service

GoPillar is an interior design crowdsourcing platform that connects designers and customers.

TiAssisto24 Apps&Services

Tiassisto24 is a digital vehicle management and concierge service.

Together Price
Together Price Apps&Services

Together Price is an online platform designed to share the costs of digital subscription services.

Hopp B2B Service

Hopp is a b2b saas that allows companies to flexibly manage workstations, providing access to offices and coworking spaces anywhere.

Wetacoo Apps&Services

Wetacoo is a flexible solution for on-demand storage, with pickup and re-delivery included.

Houseplus B2B Service

Houseplus develops predictive analytics software for Real Estate, which enables the optimization of property asset management. Its predictive algorithms, based on socio-economic and historical parameters, instantly provide a discounted value of the properties in the portfolio, simplifying management processes.

In Time Link
In Time Link B2B Service

In Time Link enables digital payments on vending machines with smartphones.

2Hire B2B Service

2hire is a plug-and-play device that changes the way users interact, manage and track their vehicles.

AmbiensVr B2B Service

AmbiensVR is a virtual reality platform that creates immersive and interactive 3D interior design experiences.

Insoore B2B Service

Insoore is a platform for insurance companies to improve claims management.

Wesual B2B Service

Wesual is a web on-demand platform for ordering and receiving professional photos and videos within 48 hours.

Yakkyo B2B Service

Yakkyofy is an online platform to source and ship goods from China.

Yuppi B2B Service

Yuppi is a digital platform to publish content marketing articles in the most suitable blogs and online newspapers.

Babaco Market
Babaco Market e-Commerce

Babaco Market is a grocery subscription box service that recovers grocery items that would have otherwise gone to waste creating a more efficient, sustainable, and equitable food system

Candle St.
Candle St. e-Commerce

Candle Street is a user-friendly platform to create personalized scented candles and receive them directly at home.

Direttoo e-Commerce

Direttoo is an HORECA supply-chain platform than revolutionizes food and beverage distribution.

DiveCircle e-Commerce

DiveCircle is a booking platform for travel experiences dedicated to sea lovers and scuba divers.

Enzers e-Commerce

Enzers is a d2c brand that makes the consumer experience for home hygiene products greener, simpler, and suitable for digital generations.

Filo e-Commerce

Filo produces miniature device to track all valuables.

Mylab Nutrition
Mylab Nutrition e-Commerce

MyLab Nutrition is a platform for sports to customize and purchase their food supplements online.

Playwood e-Commerce

Playwood is an online assembly design system to combine connectors with boards and create custom furniture.

Shampora e-Commerce

Shampora provides a virtual assistant to create tailor-made hair products analysing the needs of every user.

This Unique
This Unique e-Commerce

This Unique is a customizable subscription box with menstrual and pre-menstrual products.

wineOwine e-Commerce

Wineowine in an online club to discover and buy quality wines from small producers.

Avvocato Flash
Avvocato Flash Marketplace

Avvocato Flash is a 2-sided LegalTech platform that connects clients that need specialized lawyers for legal disputes.

Cyclando Marketplace

Cyclando is the one stop digital shop for cycling holidays, where users can build their own personalized trip.

Deesup Marketplace

Deesup is the marketplace for authentic second-hand design furniture.

Edilgo Marketplace

EdilGo is an e-procurement software for the construction industry that automates the purchase process of building supplies thanks to AI.

Indaco Marketplace

Indaco is a marketplace app for social shopping focused on the beauty industry: an interactive experience with live streaming shows and live chat.

Foodys Marketplace

Foodys is a food delivery platform for culinary excellence.

GetAStand Marketplace

Getastand is a marketplace dedicated to events and fairs to help discover, book and manage exhibition spaces and related services.

Jungler Marketplace

Jungler is a marketplace to directly connect companies and qualified micro-influencers, to create and manage more engaging social campaigns.

Mechanika Parts
Mechanika Parts Marketplace

Mechanika is the largest European marketplace for agricultural and industrial components.

Monugram Marketplace

Monugram is an app that recognise and describe every monument using the smartphone camera and offering the best-connected tourism activities.

Playerself Marketplace

Playerself is an NFT marketplace focused on Gaming. Together with the most influential players in the industry, they release collectibles for one of the most valuable user bases in the world.

Reasoned Art
Reasoned Art Marketplace

Reasoned Art is a CryptoArt gallery that uses NFTs to certify and sell digital artworks, combining physical events with online exhibitions.

Ristocall Marketplace

Ristocall is the platform where professionals can upskill and be matched with restaurants looking for staff.

Tiro Libre
Tiro Libre Marketplace

TiroLibre is a digital platform for the football market dedicated to players, clubs and agents.

Apical SaaS

Apical is a professional tool for tour operators and individuals to design and sell customizable travel experiences.

Big Profiles
Big Profiles SaaS

BigProfiles is a Big Data platform for Customer Intelligence insights.

Climbo SaaS

Climbo is a software that helps companies improve customer retention, and up-selling, with a single link.

Emotiva SaaS

Emotiva is an AI software that analyses people’s emotional responses in real-time, according with their micro-facial expressions through a common webcam.

Full Audits
Full Audits SaaS

Full Audits is a web and mobile platform that helps companies automate process controls and audits digitally, replacing excel and paper forms. It allows to create custom forms by industry and control their compliance with a mobile, in half the time it takes to do it manually.

GenomeUp SaaS

GenomeUp uses AI to support the diagnosis and therapy of patients by analysing their DNA.

Hakuna SaaS

Hakuna Cloud is a software to start and stop cloud servers to avoid inactivity costs.


HEU is a contract management platform that allows companies and lawyers to generate, modify, share and sign documents in an easier way. You can also create docs in batch mode, by filling empty values with a set of data.


KPI6 is an AI-powered Software as a Service for social media marketing.

Leonard SaaS

Leonard is a software dedicated to restaurants that lets customers interact directly with waiters.

Majeeko SaaS

Majeeko automatically creates and synchronizes customizable websites from client Facebook pages.


myAEDES is a ConTech workflow management platform for construction sites and the building industry.

Overbooking SaaS

Overbooking is a TravelTech platform for hotels to manage and re-distribute overbookings.

Parcy SaaS

Parcy is a B2B SaaS platform to assist event professionals and automate their workflow.

Pigro SaaS

Pigro is a virtual assistant that automatically turns content from corporate knowledge bases into user-friendly chatbots.

Pinv SaaS

Pinv is a SaaS platform that helps micro and SMEs forecast cash flows, anticipate liquidity deficiencies, and suggest the most suitable financing solutions.

Slymetrix SaaS

Slymetrix is a cloud-based platform to make e-commerce investments in digital media channels more effective and measurable, optimizing ROI up to 30%.

Social Academy
Social Academy SaaS

Social Academy is an e-learning and career coaching platform.

Stip SaaS

Stip is a platform to prioritize customer care requests on social networks by automating ticket management.

Storykube SaaS

Storykube is a Software as a Service (SAAS) that offers artificial intelligence at the service of web writers, speeding up their writing process and saving time. It searches for reliable, up-to-date sources and offers insights and new ideas, providing the user with an interactive writing experience by stimulating creativity.


UXGO automatically creates websites by using 56 physical cards and an app to translate them into code.

Vikey SaaS

Vikey is a hardware and software solution to remotely manage vacation apartments.

Screevo SaaS

Screevo is a voice assistant that allows Industry 4.0 workers to control any machine or software system via voice.

Teta SaaS

Teta is a cooperative app builder to help companies and freelancers build new apps reducing costs and production time.

We4Guest SaaS

We4Guest is an all-in-one SaaS for the hospitality industry to reduce intermediation costs and improve the operational process.

BaasBox Exit

Baasbox is a Digital Experience House that offers solutions to develop and launch hgh-impact business on the market.

LybraTech Exit

Lybra Tech is a B2B SaaS platform with a machine learning algorithm for hotel revenue management.

Netlex Exit

Netlex is a management software for laws firm that allows users to manage their professional activity anytime from anywhere.

Paperlit Exit

Paperlit is a publishing platform that reorganizes the digitalization and distribution of magazines.

Qurami – Ufirst
Qurami – Ufirst Exit

uFirst Qurami is a queue management and booking agenda app that improves customer satisfaction.

Voverc Exit

Voverc is a cloud-based VOIP system that provides landline numbers and virtual switchboards.

ForTune Exit

ForTune is a digital platform that creates a personalized playlist of podcasts based upon users’ interests.

ZappyRent Exit

Zappyrent is a digital platform for the mid-long rental market, with 3D Virtual Tours and safe payments.

Premoneo Exit

Premoneo is a dynamic pricing engine to help companies transform silent data into profitable sales and marketing choices.

MyFoody Exit

MyFoody is a platform to reduce food waste for supermarkets and consumers.

Bloovery Exit

Bloovery is a B2B marketplace to connect flower exporters with florists, revolutionizing and optimizing the distribution chain.